The Great Name Debate

Last night we booked our plane, bus, hotel and shuttle to get to the start of the trail in New Mexico. It now seems like it is really happening. Never mind the tent, packs and quilt I ordered almost 6 weeks ago, once transport is booked there is no going back.

We sat in bed this morning and it finally sunk in with Kathy that we are going to do this, it is real and not just some vague  thought. Now the real work begins, we have to decide on trail names.

The suggestions were flying thick and fast. My first was that I should go as Kyle because that is what most Americans hear when I say my name with an Australian accent. Kathy just laughed as she has a want to do.

We were looking for two names that would go together, this is love on the trail after all. One couple we came across in a blog had taken the names M and NM, a great piece of trail humor and this is what I was looking for.

As I bounced out of bed I said we could just use our initials and go as K C and the sunshine band. The reply I got was a stern look and a definite no!

Next came wizard for Kathy and ofoz for me. Again a stern no, albeit with a laugh. Then Kathy said I should be wizard and she will be witch. Has a ring to it, The Wizard and the Witch. Unfortunately Witch has too many negative conitations for me to ever use that as a term for my adorable wife. For most of the time I have know Kathy I have always called her lover, witch would not do!

So the search goes on…

Current suggestions

U-yets-ga => she is laughing


The Wizard of Oz or just Wizard.

New suggestion

Jelly Bean

Wiz. Australians are very lazy talkers. Why use two syllables when one will do?

Ok. That has changed.

How about:

Walkabout and jelly bean?



Uyetsga, I found one web site that had the translation of this as my heart is laughing and I think this is very appropriate so that is what we are going with.