Day 0: The Adventure Begins, Almost. 

Our day starts at 3:30am, neither of us is really over the jet lag from our Australian trip and so we still wake half way through the night with our bodies telling us they are done sleeping for the day. We decided we may as well get up and get everything ready as our very good friend Gail is picking us up at 5am for the hour and a quarter drive to the airport. Only a true friend would go to that length for you. 



After a day’s travel by car, plane and bus we walk to the Econolodge carting all our belongings for the next 5 months. We have our backpacks and a box containing our walking polls, umbrellas, knives and other items that we decided to check on the plane as we thought we migh have problems carting them through security. 

There were 4 other CDT hikers on the bus. Two of them, Sass and Paperweight, were staying at the Econolodge too. After settling in and reassembling or packs we headed out to pick up some drinks and snacks for the shuttle bus ride tomorrow. 

Juan, the shuttle bus driver, introduced himself as we headed to the local pizza restaurant two doors down. He said the pizza was good so we were excited for our last junk food meal. Imagine our disappointment to find the pizza place in Lordsburg is closed on Monday and Tuesday. The resturant across the road was closed due to a fire.  The only others were a mile down the road and not officially starting our hike until tomorrow, we were thinking this was to far to walk. 

Jaun came to our rescue and offered to drive us and he joined us for dinner and it was great to get to know him.