Day 6: First Nero 


With only 9 miles into Lordsburg we were excited for the comforts a hotel can provide. We were hiking by 5:30, going over a few small hills and then along the road for the last mile or so into town. We played some Jack Johnson to help the miles pass until we hit the road. I was amazed at how my feet started really hurting as soon as we started walking along the blacktop. That is as opposed to the only mildly hurting that they normally do.  Yeti is hobbling a bit and looking forward to a day without shoes. 

Once in town we picked up our resupply box that we had left at the Econolodge and walked to Macca’s ( that’s Aussie for McDonalds)for some greasy food that we would normally never eat but today tasted good. 

After devouring a Bacon and egg McMuffin we checked into our hotel. We were extremely dirty and one of the checkin staff said to the other “Have you had any really dirty check outs today?”  I think if we had walked into the reception to book a room they would have turned us down for being too dirty. 

First thing on the agenda was a shower. Standing under that hot water was a great luxury. The water ran red with dirt coming off my body for about 5 mins and I had to scrub my legs 4 times until I lost my desert dirt tan and turned back to the white legged guy that I am. 

After a good scrub we headed off to the suppermarket and stocked up with Pacifico’s, lime, chips, salsa and ingredients to make a salad sandwich. 

The rest of the day was spent lazing around our room eating too much and watching old TV shows.

It felt good to be inside.