Day 9: Plans change

The morning was very cold. We had planned on getting on the trail by sunrise but when we woke it was very cold. We both did not want to get out of nice warm bed. By the time we eventually got moving it was 7 but still really cold. Luckily the first section of trail was uphill and we soon warmed up and started stripping off clothes. 

As we climbed we were rewarded by the sight of some pine trees and spectacular views over the mountains. 

We were in no great hurry as we had planed on taking 5 days to do the 80 miles of the Bear Creek Route to Silver City. This meant about 15 miles a day and as we had completed 18 miles yesterday we were in good shape. 

We carried plenty of water so our packs were heavy and made anything but a steady pace hard work. Both Yeti and I are still sporting a good collection of blisters so we had to take lots of foot breaks to air our feet and change our socks. 

Foot stop

Breakfast stop

view stop

tree stop

In the afternoon we reached the Buro Peak trailhead car park and to our delight a trail angle had left about 10 gallons of water. We sat down to drink our fill and consider where we should stop for the night. 

As we sat there we thought about the alternate Ley route. This was the original route we had planned to do and it would cut 20 miles off our route. The only problem was we did not know what the water would be like so to be on the safe side we would need to carry enough for the 27 miles from where we were to town. Even the distance we were not sure of. 

After thinking about it and discussing it Yeti said it was up to me. I knew she was hurting and was looking forward to some more time off in town to let her body recover. The problem was for us to do this we really needed to walk 20 miles today and 20 miles tomorrow. 

In the end we decided to ditch our excess food and stock up on water and push for the distance. We were confident that we could make the distance but knew it would be long days.

We headed out and started climbing with packs weighed down with lots of water. We had looked at the route ahead but not in detail as before we had plenty of time and what would come would come.

Now however, we were under a time constraint and we should have looked at the maps in more detail. As we had been climbing for 20 minutes I started thinking about what the local hiker had said to us as we chatted with him a few miles back, “Buro peak is 8000 feet high”. Wait a minute I though, we are going over Buro peak and we were only at about 6500 feet when we started this hill climb. Nothing we could do about it now and Yeti was just powering up the hill so on we went and so did the hill. 

We eventually got to the top and we were rewarded with great views over the mountains and the plains. Yeti has said a couple of times that you work hard out here to get to some of these places but nature always has something to reward you for the effort. 
Another hour on and we were at the trail intersection and headed down Deadmans Gulch to look for a camping spot after our longest day yet, about 20 miles.