Day 15: Back on the river

We head out early to start our river crossings knowing that it is going to be cold. The visitors Center had a weather report on the notice board that said the temperature would be about 28F (-2C). 

After few minutes walking we came to another hot spring on the side of the river and quickly stuck our feet in the hot water to warm them. It was hard to leave the warmth knowing we would soon be plunging into the cold stream again.

The highlight of this section of the river was Jordan Hot Springs and so we skipped out normal morning breaks so that we could get some more time in the springs. We arrived at the springs at 12:00 to find Smelly and Bumerang drying off. It took us all of about 10 seconds to drop our packs and climb into the beautiful hot water. 

Yeti and I spent two hours absorbing the warmth and relaxing before we had to suit up again and head back out. 

The continuous crossings of the river and hiking on the rocks and soft sand is very exhausting and it was hard to get in much more than 15 miles a day. After the hot springs it seemed even harder. We had set our target for the day at 17 miles but at the 16 mile mark we found a beautiful camp spot and thought we would stop and cook dinner and then move on for a few more miles. 

As we arrived at the camp site Bumerang caught us again and also decided to stop for dinner. After dinner and several hours of great conversation with Bumerang, we decided that this spot was too good to pass up and so it became home for the night.