Day 16: More River Crossings

We get out early with a 7am start to try and make up some of the distance we did not get done yesterday. Putting on cold wet shoes is far from pleasant but with constant river crossings there is nothing that you can do to keep them dry or dry them out over night. The best you can do is have dry socks to lessen the shock but you know they will soon be wet and your feet cold. 

The day is slow and we only get 6 miles completed by 12, both feeling  exhausting. We have been bumping along with Bumerang for most of the day and this gives us a bit of a distraction. 

In one section we walk through a lot of native rose bushes and before we realise it our legs are covered with tiny scratchs that start stinging every time we cross the river. 

At the end of the day we decided to camp under the trees and Bumerang decided to go on a bit further. We look around the spot and then decided we should move on too. 

We hit 17 miles and pass Bumerang camping on a ridge. We find a spot on the edge of the meadow and as we set up camp we watch a big storm moving around the mountains. Just after we finish dinner the storm breaks on us with rain and lots of lightening. Luckily it does not last long.