Day 21: Double Zero

More hikers are here!  The CDT has formed its own little community and wherever you go you instantly have friends.  Maybe you have never seen each other before, maybe you have leapfrogged back and forth over the trail, but every time you run into another hiker it is like a happy reunion of friends. 

We were once again hanging out in our room, for the second zero day, hoping my leg would be better when Walkabout looks out the window and says “More hikers!”. I immediatly go out to see who is here and say hello and happily find Sas and Paperweight and NightWatch.  We met Sas and Paperweight on the bus to Lordsburg in the very beginning but as they started a couple of days later than we did, we were not sure if we would see them again.  At least something good happened by my getting layed up.  They informed us that Halfmile and Deb and The Beast were just behind them waiting for a hitch in and would be there shortly.  Soon we were all trading stories and catching up.  We all loosely agreed to meet up in town after a bit to get dinner and maybe a beer or two.  Dinner never came off as we all hit at different times but after another good meal at Ella’s cafe we met up for beers and a rousing game of horseshoes at the bar. Everyone will be headed back to the trail tomorrow and I can’t help but feel a little wistful and sad that I won’t be joining them .   I’ll be headed to Grants and my only saving consolation is that my Daughter Maddie will be flying out to spend a few days with me while Walkabout completes the sections to Grants.   We’re going to drive back to Pie Town to meet him on Saturday and have pie….Can’t miss that!