Day 22: A Sad Day

Due to Yeti’s continuing foot problem we part ways today. It is very sad as I get the shuttle to go back on the trail and Yeti gets a lift to Grants. 

I arrive at the trail head at 12 with The Beast, Halfmile and Deb and we quickly set off at our own pace. 

The day is hot and we start climbing almost immediately. I was originally going to take the shorter route into Pie Town but as everyone else seems to be taking the other route I change my mind. 

The trail today is well maintained and sign posted and even given the late start I soon have 8 miles ticked off. 

For the first days food after a town day we try to bring in normal food. Food that won’t last more than a day but tastes  good. Today it was a Houmus and cheese sandwich. Even though the bread is the type I would normally avoid, today it tastes delicious. 

By 5 I have covered about 11 miles on the trail and about a mile off the trail when I missed a turn sign. We are in perfect elk country and I have seen two really big elk at the top of the ridges. 

I stop at a dam to get some water and just as I am packing up The Beast catches up. We chat and then I head off to get some more miles in. I climb over a big hill and as I start decendigng the other side I catch glimpses of the wide open plane below. Whenever I see this, along with thinking  how spectacular it looks, I think that we might have phone reception. To my delight we do so I call Yeti and we chat while I walk down the hill looking for a camp site for the night. 

I set up camp and start cooking potatoes, leeks and ham in a cheese sauce. Just as it is ready The Beast arrives. Since it was made as a two person serving I ask if he would like to share it with me. We sit down and enjoy the hot meal together and chat. 

I decided to cowboy camp tonight as the weather is fine and I could not be bothered putting up the tent. 

The beast decided to camp here as well and he has set his tent up nearby.