Day 25: Pie Town

It is a very exciting day today.  Yeti returns, along with Maddie. Two of my three favourite girls are coming to pick me up.

Nita came around to the Toaster House about 7 to run a tour around Pie Town. She tells us about the history of the town, takes us out to see one of the radio telescope dishes near town and then drops us off at the post office so we can pick up our boxes. She offers to drop our boxes at the Toaster House so we can stop and have breakfast at one of the cafes.

Yeti and Maddie arrive at about 12 and after a tour of the Toaster House and happy greetings between Yeti and some of the friends we have made on the trail we head off to try pie in several of the cafes.

We are now on holiday for a few days to let Yeti’s leg get better. We plan to return to Grants on Wednesday to continue our hike.