Day 31: Leaving Grants

After an extra day delay we finally get back on to the trail. We stayed at the Comfort Inn last night which was great for the bus ride in as the bus stopped right next to the hotel. It was not so great for the CDT as we had about a mile to walk to get back on trail. 

As soon as we hit the trail, Route 66 at this point, we promptly left again and took a short cut across to Lobo Canyon Road cutting of several miles as the trail continues on into Grants and back out. 

Even with our shortcut we had several miles of road walking to get to the Mount Taylor trailhead. We decided we would try some high speed hiking and stuck our thumb out. The second car to passed pulls over and we have our lift. 

The lady that picked us up turns out to be a horse person. She runs trail rides into the area and does some horse packing. Her ranch is called Sister-Less ranch. Yeti has a lot to talk to her about and we swap details and promise to evaluate the trail from a horse packing view and send her details when we get to Cuba. 

From the trail head we climb 900 feet to the top of the mesa. We are walking across the Mesa for a few hours and Yeti and I start feeling like there is someone near us. We walk around the next bend and find a guy sitting under a tree. He works for the forest service and is out surveying the trail for the trail maintenance crew that will be starting next month. 

Our walk is slow this morning and Yeti’s foot is starting to hurt again. This slows our pace and we are taking lots of long breaks. 

By the end of the day we have made it to wher a spring is marked on our map. We spend 1/2 hour looking for it and eventually we stumble on to a trail leading down the dry creek. We keep following this and after 0.2 of a mile we see a sign pointing to the spring and what a wounderful sight it is. 

Yeti takes the chance to soak her foot in the near ice cold water and this seems to eaise the pain slightly. 

After getting our fill of water we take the spring trail back to the main trail and find that if we had come another hundred feet down the trail we would have easily found the way to the Spring as it was sign posted, blazed with blue blazes and rock carins. 

Our camp for the night was on the ridge above the Spring next to a dirt road. We go to sleep with the sound of Turkeys in the bush and ponderosa pines surrounding us.