Day 34: Canyon lands

We set off across the top of the tree covered Mesa. Mary had told us that there was a spot with a spectacular view over the valley below about 5 miles past the spring and so we set this as our goal for breakfast. True to Mary’s description it was incredible. We sat on the edge of a several hundred foot drop, ate breakfast and stared at the view. 

Soon after breakfast we started down a steep series of switch backs to the plain below. 

Once we hit the plain Yeti was in heaven. It was a very picturesque ranch land with a nice little house tucked up to the opposite cliff. We spent the rest of the day hiking across the plain and being awed at the scenery. Yeti’s leg started hurting and so we camped at the bottom of the next climb out of the plain. 

We were treated to an incredible sunset from our tent site as we sat and ate dinner.