Day 40: Ghost Ranch

Today is a half day off or a Nero as they are known on the trail.  We have about 11 miles to get into Ghost Ranch where we will spend the night. Most of our walk is along a road. The first section runs along the river and we quietly pass all the car campers attracted to the wonderous scenery of the Rio Chama. Yesterday as we were settling into our camp spot there was a constant stream of rafts going down the river and then a constant stream of cars taking them back up. Today they are all tucked up in there warm luxury camps, probably going to get up to big breakfast and hot coffee. Sometimes we miss the little luxuries but we always make up for it in town.

Once we leave the river, we are still on the road and to distract us from the foot and leg pain road walking always seems to cause we put the book on again. It is amazing how having something else to concentrate on can make the pain less.

With the aid of the book we soon come to the living museum trail that leads to Ghost Ranch. This is a trail where they have labeled some of the trees and shrubs found in these parts. The names of these trees is something that Yeti and I have wondered about for a while and it is great to pass along this trail and find some answers.

Arriving at Ghost Ranch is a great pleasure and even though it is only 2 and 1/2 days since we left Cuba that warm shower is hard to beat.

There are a collection of hikers here, Hob, The Beast, Slapshot, Kenobi and others and we are soon chatting with some of the friends we have made on the trail and enjoying the canteen dinner.