Day 60: Heading back to the trail

After a hetic two weeks off the trail we are on the greyhound heading back. It has been a great break and we have seen many of our friends and relatives. We spent a lot of time making meals and packing resupply boxes. In the end we had a good little production line running. 

We are going to Rawlins, WY and hiking north from there. We are both very excited to be getting out on the trail but sad to be leaving our beautiful home in the mountains at the time of the year it is at its most spectacular. For Yeti, leaving her much loved daughters is probably the hardest thing but they are very good at communicating with us which makes leaving a little bit easier. 

We had to send our packs back to zpacks to get some small changes done and we waited for our packs to come back before booking our bus ride back to the trail.  This was a mistake as the bus was full. After a quick bit of checking we found we could get on the same bus in Fort Collins. Our daughter came to the rescue and offered to drive us up there. There is always a silver lining to these things and because the bus was full we had a very nice evening in old town Fort Collins with our daughter. An unexpected pleasure.

We arrive in Rawlins at 4:45pm and plan to hike out of town tonight. We have had enough of hotels and are keen to get back to the trail. 

Well so much for that plan. 10 minutes before the bus pulls into Rawlins Yeti realises that we have left our polls in the Uber we caught to the bus stop this morning. My first thought is we contact the driver and see if he will mail them to us down the trail. Yeti then points out that without our polls our tent is just a ground sheet as our hiking poles double as our tent polls. 

In a wonderful bit of trail magic we had an email from our good friend Janette just as we got off the bus. We had emailed her on the way to Fort Collins and told her we were on our way to Rawlins. Her email said what a coincidence we are riding our motor bike through Fort Collins tomorrow to have a Father’s Day breakfast with our daughter and then continuing through Rawlins to Boise. After a few hectic phones calls to the Uber driver and texts with Janette our poles where in the hands of their daughter ready for them to pick up in the morning and deliver them back to us by lunch time.

So in the end we get one more night in a hotel. We stayed at the Oak Tree Inn and it was one of our better nights with Milkshakes at the 50’s style dinner next to the hotel.