Day 74: Yellowstone Permits

The Rivera B&B is a great place and the woman that owns the place has been very welcoming. Breakfast is served in the main house in a communal setting and you get to meet the other guests. 

Travis comes in for breakfast and we quickly pull him to our table so we can continue our previous day’s conversation. We have a lot to talk about with bike touring, the CDT and just finding out about Travis. Travis is one of those people that you instantly feel the warmth and sencerity in his personality and he is really a pleasure to be around. He is doing the CDT between finishing his masters in Architecture and starting a job with a firm in New York that specialises in designing building envelopes.

Our breakfast takes several hours and only comes to and end out of consideration for the miles Travis wants to get in today. We go out and take a photo of Travis and his bike and wish him good speed for the rest of his journey and tell him to look us up if he is ever in Colorado. 

The rest of the morning is spent in the library working out the backcountry camp sites for Yellowstone and on the phone with Jim from the backcountry office. Jim is extremely helpful and by lunch time we have everything squared away. We help Carlos get his permit form filled out and sent off and then head to the Chinese for lunch. 

In the afternoon I head back to the library to work on our blog on their lovely iMacs which is so much easier than doing it all on the iPhone. 

The Beast, Joe and Jacqualine are in the library  working out their permit requests and I fill them in on what we found out this morning and print out copies of the request form for them to fill in. 

Em, from the Rivera, has invited us to a BBQ for dinner tonight and we offered to pickup a green salad and some wine. While walking to the store we decide this is too good an opportunity to make something we love and so change our ingredient list to be for salad Caprese. 

The night is spent in great conversation with Dan a fisherman and a regular to the B&B and his friend Tim. Gabe, Em’s boyfriend, is also there and we enjoy find out about him and his job as a soil scientist.