Day 75: Museum Of The Mountain Man

The B&B has a tradition of doing a pancake breakfast on the fire outside next to the river on Sunday’s and so we joined the other guests out there for a delicious breakfast. We spend another delight long breakfast chatting with the other guest. 
Today’s goal is to go to the museum of the mountain man and pick up some groceries. On the way we stop in at the tourist information centre. Terry at the Center is looking over maps of the area working out where the CDT goes and after looking at the maps and showing him  we decide if we could find someone to take us to Green River Lake trailhead we could spend another night in Pinedale, enjoy the picnic, live music and fireworks and still be on schedule for our permits into Yellowstone. With Terry’s help we put out the word and by the time we finish our visit to the mountain man museum we are in contact with a shuttle company and it is looking good. 

The museum of the mountain man is a great celebration of the trappers that headed into the Rockies and tried to live in this incredible beautiful but extremely harsh area. It is a small museum but well worth the visit. After spending most of the last couple of months living outdoors you can really appreciate how tough these people were.