Day 83: triple zero

We pack up this morning and climb into Liz’s, the motel owners, car for a lift back to the trail. We have been monitoring the weather forecast and it is still not looking good but we are reluctant to stay another day.

As we start out of town we can see the pass in the distance, it is covered in heavy black clouds and the wind is blowing. Yeti starts to feel uneasy about going out and with some prompting from Liz and me she rings the backcountry office one more time to see if we can change our permit back a day.

Liz pulls over as the phone reception drops soon after we leave town. 5 minutes later we are turned around and heading back to our cosy room 11.

After Liz drops us back at the hotel she heads back up the pass to Jackson and sends us a text message saying that it is very windy and snowing an the top of the pass where we would have been starting. Looks like it was a wise decision to stay another day.

We spend the morning in the local coffee shop and then go to the only restaurant open on Monday, The Cowboy. We have a big lunch complete with home made pie and a massive pile of ice cream.

The day is cold and everyone is walking around in down coats and hurrying from car to shop.  We feel very luck to still be indoors.

Just as we were going to bed that night Yeti checks out the Facebook group. Fireant has put up a post saying she is now in Dubois and hiking alone. She wanted to know if anyone wanted to join up to hike through bear country. Yeti gives her a call and we arrange to meet on the trail tomorrow.