Day 84: Plants and Lakes

It is a much nicer day than yesterday. The morning air is still cold but the sun is shining and the wind has dropped. The forecast calls for a 10% chance of rain.

We are ready early and as we wait in the sun for Matthew to drive us back to the trailhead Yeti starts talking to Liz as she waters and feeds her plants. Pretty soon Yeti has a watering can of her own and is busy enjoying the act of looking after flowers.

I have three young visitors who are eager to chat. Their parents have driven from Kansas City to take them for the first trip to Yellowstone. They are all very excited about their holiday. I start talking to their father, Alex, a Russian who has move to the US. He now works for Garmin and we have a lot to chat about.

Matthew drives us back to Brookslake and we say our goodbyes and wish him luck in his upcoming trip down the Mississippi. It has been a good stay in Dubois and we will always have fond memories of this small town.

The days hike is great as usual. We have lakes and trees and great views. We are making lots of noise every time we come to a blind spot in the trail not wanting to meet another bear.

Fireant was going to have breakfast with her host from last night and then start to hike a bit later in the day. She is hoping to catch up to us sometime during the day.

By afternoon Fireant had not caught us so I start leaving signs on the trail to tell her what time we went through. We decided to camp and choose a spot on a ridge in clear view of the trail. By the time we have the tent set up and dinner cooked Fireant comes around the corner to join us.