Day 92: Old Faithful 

We start the morning with thunderstorms rolling around us and a light sprinkle on our tent. It was just enough to get everything wet for when we pack up. Even packing up wet could not damper our spirits however as today we have a goal! We want to get in early to old faithful village to take full advantage of the AYCE buffet breakfast and then spend some more time hanging around the village before hiking out to our last campsite in the park. Fireant is picking up a resupply box at the post office and we plan on picking up some extra food at the store.

John and Gavin spent the night with us again and it has been a lot of fun having a larger group while hiking the shorter days and enjoying the park. Hiking through Yellowstone is an incredible way to see this great national park and sharing it with some fun people make that even better.

John very very generously pays for our breakfast saying this is his way of doing some trail magic. His company for the last days was enough for us but his generosity is greatly appreciated.

After a long stop just getting stuff together out the front of the store we head off out through the park and past the spectacular thermal features. John and Gavin have parked their car at one of the car parks on our trail and so we walk together until this point and then say our goodbyes.

We Leave the tourist throng behind as we start to climb a long hill in the afternoon sun. It is hot and slow work and after the last couple of days relaxing it is hard to get motivated. To top it off Yeti has picked up some sort of bug that is knocking her around. We get a couple of last glimpse of old faithfull as we climb the hill back into the trees.

To  pass the time we listen to our audio book as we walk. Yeti does not improve and she starts to think it may be a reaction to sulphur that permeates everything in the park. We have been using our steripen to treat our drinking water but this does nothing for the chemicals in it. We decide to use Fireants filter to try and remove the chemicals first and then the steripen for Yetis drinking water.

That night our last campsite of the park is amongst the trees next to summit lake. When we arrive the wind is up and the surface of the lake is rough. As the night wears on the wind drops and the lake takes on a mirror like appearance reflecting the trees and the stars to become one of those magical sights you only get to witness by putting in the effort to get out into the bush.